Straight line hedge cutters Bellota 3461-R


Practical range to perform cut and trimmings of bushes, hedgers and lawns. Hedge cutters with a studied design in order to shape garden bushes and hedges easy and confortably. Clean and effortless cut: blade and counterblade with nonstick covering.Stable and confortable cushioning:big contact surface. Ergonomical light and balanced sleeves:made from reinforced polyamide.Thermally treated blades, coverd for a easy cut and durability. For trimming of hedges and bushes in landscaping and trimming of lawn in areas of difficult access.

Fof the cut of thin branches and trimming of hedges and bushes. Straight blades. Reinforced polyamide sleeves.

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3461-R 645mm 0.910 kg 65.00 lv **** lv Yes
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