Universal Forged Pruner Bellota 3501


For general pruning. Forged in one single piece. Clean and easy cutting. Maximum life. Classic robust design.

Sizes Weight Price Availability Amount
Amm Ф Standard For traders
3501-18 180mm 20mm 0.170 kg 20.50 lv **** lv Yes
3501-20 200mm 22mm 0.280 kg 23.50 lv **** lv Yes
3501-22 220mm 25mm 0.315 kg 28.50 lv **** lv Yes
3501-24 240mm 25mm 0.350 kg 29.50 lv **** lv Yes
3501-26 260mm 25mm 0.433 kg 31.00 lv **** lv Yes
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